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Become a part of Maple's growing community of educators. Maple is a network for teachers and other education professionals, a place for exchanging ideas, and offering and receiving support.

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Membership in Maple is available to all Manitoba educators, pre-service teachers, school clinicians, and Manitoba Education staff.

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Maple COVID-19 Message

Joining Maple gives Manitoba teachers access to supports and resources available within curriculum-related professional learning groups, including the new Supporting Student Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic and COVID : Appuyons nos élèves, partageons nos ressources! groups.

Manitoba Education curriculum consultants are populating these groups with ideas and resources to support teachers and will continuously be doing so while students are unable to attend physical classes. Teachers are also able to share their own ideas and to connect with Manitoba Education consultants and other teachers to ask questions and support one another within the Maple groups.

What is Maple?

The Manitoba Professional Learning Environment (Maple) is hosted by Manitoba Education and provides a private and secure space for Manitoba educators to access content and to communicate and share ideas. Maple is already a community of more than 11,000 teachers, administrators, clinicians, resource teachers, teacher librarians, and pre-service teachers across Manitoba.

Why Become a Maple Community Member?

  • Access supports and resources available within curriculum-related professional learning groups created by Manitoba Education.
  • Receive updates about upcoming professional learning opportunities and other pertinent information and resources.
  • Connect with other Manitoba educators with similar interests and teaching goals.

Notice: If you have not accessed your Maple account since 2016

Maple was updated in 2016. If you still have an old Maple account from before 2016 and you have not used it since 2016, you will need to switch your account to the updated Maple.

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