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Become a part of Maple's growing community of educators. Maple is a network for teachers and other education professionals, a place for exchanging ideas, and offering and receiving support.

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To access your account and all of Maple’s new features, you’ll need to reset your password by clicking the button below.

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A new Maple experience

Maple, Manitoba Education and Training’s private professional network, has provided safe and secure access to shared content to more than 7,000 teachers, administrators, clinicians, resource teachers and pre-service teachers in schools across Manitoba since 2013.

Now, after listening to your feedback, Maple has been upgraded to meet all of your professional learning needs.

Besides a new look and feel, Maple has many new features, including:

  • The ability to connect your Maple account with your Google Drive account
  • The ability to organize your resources into context rich binders
  • The ability to organize all your resources by tag and type
  • A new ‘Forum’ area inside of all groups. It is a one stop communication location where group members can see what is happening in the groups blogs and discussions
  • Access to more resources than ever before just by simply typing it in and searching our large database of resources
  • The ability to receive email notifications on particular blog posts and discussions by subscribing to a particular post
  • Weekly email digests about all the activity that is happening inside of your favourite groups and new Maple content

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Membership to Maple is offered to all Manitoba educators, Manitoba pre-service teachers, school clinicians, and Manitoba Education staff.

Complete our online Maple account request form and you’ll receive an account activation email once your request has been approved by our Maple Administration Team. Please note that because Maple is a professional network for Manitoba educators, your username will be based on your actual first and last name. No anonymous usernames are accepted.

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